Yoga Tours in India for the Most Spiritual Experience

This post will highlight several travel options for people interested in experiencing Yoga in India. Yoga is an essential component of Indian culture. It creeps into our aerobic exercises, morning stretches, and even our school schedules at times! Yoga in India is an excellent place to start if you want to gain a real sense of Indian living.

If you’re a novice, most major cities provide dozens of terrific drop-in sessions (40-45 minute classes). It’s absolutely worth a shot, and you can surely make new acquaintances along the way. Choose a more difficult course if you already have some experience with yoga. Set some new goals for yourself, maybe even get a teaching certificate?

We’ve plotted out three terrific routes around India for you in this article, which also allow for some sightseeing following your morning lesson! Don’t be concerned about the difficulty level. The possibilities will be numerous. Everyone can benefit from yoga.


Mumbai – Goa – Gokarna – Varkala (GoogleMaps route)

Fly into Mumbai and bypass the hustle and bustle of the city for the leafy suburbs of The Yoga Institute in Santa Cruz. It’s largely a retreat facility, and it’s a fantastic location to get away from the chaos, even if you’re not ready for a full course.

Goa is up next! Tall swaying palms, soft sand beneath your feet, and dozens of yoga courses springing up on every beach. To truly connect with the universe, consider the Lotus Yoga Retreat or Kaama Kethna.

South Goa is a wonderful spot to unwind. If you’re seeking for daily Yoga classes, warm seas, and delicious food, this is the blog for you!

Even calmer Gokarna will set your morning stretches to the lovely sound of the sea. Each session at Spiritual Land is tailored to the skill level of its drop-in students. Swaswara caters to all of your yoga, Ayurveda, and spiritual needs on one sprawling, environmentally friendly campus. Finally, make your way down to Varkala’s gentle, calm sands.

At Soul & Surf, you can do some traditional yoga in the morning. Calm the soul before crashing into the surf to get back into gear.

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Delhi – Rishikesh – Dharamshala – Agra – Pushkar – Udaipur (GoogleMaps route)

Where better to seek tranquilly than in the mountains where Shiva himself has sought refuge? Seema Sondhi’s Yoga Studio is located in Delhi, which is certainly the most convenient starting place. Seema began practising yoga after suffering a severe spinal injury. Her studio is a judgement-free zone where she advocates tailoring yoga to your body’s capacities rather than the other way around.

From there, you can travel to Rishikesh, the spiritual centre of yoga practitioners. Combine Rishikesh’s spectacular natural beauty with its rich yogic legacy at Phool Chatti, which translates as “Land of Flowers.” Courses might be tough, so if you’re looking for peace and quiet, stay at Osho’s Gangadham.

Buddhist spirituality can be explored in Dharamsala. Take a class in their particular brand of meditation. If you want to get back into the yogic trend, go to the Himalya Iyengar Yoga Centre. It brings BKS Iyengar’s traditions to life in an open space lighted by the harsh mountain light.

One of the best things about yoga in India is the range of courses available, which vary in topic, degree, and length, so you won’t go empty-handed. The rest of the journey concentrates on sights and cultures. These cities will not leave you lacking for yoga. If you’re not satisfied, try Art of Living in Agra, Pushkar Meditation Temple in Pushkar, and Dynamic Yoga Studio in Pushkar.

The Final Point

Do you think yoga in India would be of interest to you? Please contact us for more information on these routes and help planning your dream Indian vacation filled with incredible Yoga experiences!

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