Why April is the Best Month for Travel in India

In India’s low season, temperatures reach to nearly intolerable heights. By May, most of the country is like an oven, and the locals anxiously look forward to the monsoon’s cooling effect. India’s cities can be oppressively hot at this time of year; wise tourists stay away from them by going to the seaside or the hill country.
On the other hand, there aren’t many visitors during these humid and hot months, which results in a less chaotic visit to a major attraction like the Taj Mahal. This time of year is also ideal for trekking in the Himalayan foothills, which are cooler. The cost of lodging is also low in Goa, despite the fact that many coastal hotels close entirely from May to September.

The lunar calendars of India affect the timing of festivals.

While the Gregorian calendar is used for India’s secular holidays, lunar calendars are used for most religious holidays, hence the dates of the main celebrations change every year. In relation to the Gregorian calendar, Muslim holidays advance by 11 days annually, and Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain festivals can occur in a variety of months. The Indian government maintains a calendar of the year’s gazetted government holidays; always check this before making travel arrangements.

April Month – Travel season for trips

Most of the country is experiencing high temperatures, but you may find affordable lodging and avoid the peak season crowds at well-known attractions like Delhi’s Red Fort. Although the Northeast is damp, this is the busiest travel season for trips to Sikkim and West Bengal’s highlands, especially Darjeeling.

While Sikhs observe Vaisakhi (the solar new year) in the middle of the month, Mahavir Jayanti marks the birth of the 24th and most significant tirthankar (teacher and enlightened being) in the Jainism religion. Another significant day is Rama Navami, when Hindus commemorate Rama’s birth by participating in processions and reenacting episodes from the Ramayana, one of Hinduism’s holy books.

In 2023, the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims falls between April and May. Muslim-owned companies occasionally close throughout the day, and from dawn till dusk, many people fast. Muslims in India enjoy a feast of traditional Indian food at Eid al-Fitr, and Muslim women decorate their arms with mehndi (henna designs).

Ramadan, Mahavir Jayanti, and Rama Navami are significant occasions.


Is April a great month to travel to India?

In general, October to the end of April is the ideal period to travel to India. On the other hand, India has a very distinctive climate pattern and a different perspective on the seasons.

What’s it like in India in April?

Because the evenings are normally cool and the days are typically hot, tourists should pack lightweight, breathable clothing. Average daily maximum temperatures are 34 C and 26 C, respectively.

How come April is a good month?

The Easter Bunny will start to make an appearance in April, which is also noted for its lovely springtime weather and the beginning of warmer weather. Learn everything there is to know about the history of this lovely springtime month.

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