Things To Know When in India

Beautiful, chaotic, vibrant, and exciting India is a unique location. It has an amazing contrast of views, sounds, scents, and tastes. It provides some absolutely magnificent and remarkable places. These places are unmatched anywhere else in the world. It also has wonderful people, amazing scenery, & delectable food. Also, it has a rich cultural heritage that is fascinating to discover.

Visiting India is a complete visual treat due to the mixture of colorful customs. You can find a variety of delightful traditions & different environments. These changes at every mile make you enjoy different weather & tradition. Also, a number of different experiences promote spiritual well-being. Visit the picture-perfect Himalayas, Kerala’s backwaters, Hampi’s enormous rocks, or Goa’s amazing beaches. But you’re unsure how you will adjust? So, we have compiled a list of the top ten things to know when in India for the first time.

Here are 10 Things to Know When in India

1.) Cultural sensitivity differs from state to state

India is home to a wide variety of buzzing locations and must-see sites. These include magnificent temples, breathtaking natural wonders, world-class beaches, and vibrant cities. There are 29 states in India, each with a distinctive history and culture. Others, like Rajasthan and Haryana, are far more orthodox. Some, like Goa and the north-eastern provinces, are fairly liberal. From one place to another, people will view you extremely different depending on how you dress and behave. Think about doing some preliminary study on the place you intend to visit. Also, you can ask locals for recommendations.

2.) Pay Attention to What You Eat

After overindulging in street food and curries, many visitors will get an upset stomach. So, you need to pay attention to what you eat. Because this will help you avoid major illnesses. Eat only peeled fruits and vegetables. Moreover, you need to stay away from most street food vendors. Also, try to stick to food that has only been boiled or fried. Avoid drinking water straight from the tap and avoid using ice while drinking water.

3.) Carry cash with you

All of the country’s largest cities have plenty of ATMs. But you still need to have cash with you. Small sellers & the majority of services only accept cash. Also, shops in distant locations including rural towns and villages in the Himalayas, and auto rickshaws only accept cash. So, bring plenty of cash for taxis, restaurants, and markets. And especially bring cash while shopping to prevent any additional headaches.

4.) Purchase a local SIM card with internet access

When in India, having Google Maps on your phone is usually beneficial. Because you can verify that the driver of the taxi or auto rickshaw is taking the proper route. Also, he is not trying to mislead you. Therefore, ensure that your phone or tablet always has access to the internet. Purchase a local SIM card with 4G data. Data plans are fairly affordable in India. Because there is strong competition among the many service providers.

5.) Pack light and wear comfortable clothes

India’s regions experience different climatic conditions as a result of its varied geography. Kashmir experiences lovely 20°C summer weather. And at the same time that Delhi experiences hot summers with temperatures reaching 40°C. Make sure to research the weather in the destination state before you leave and pack appropriately. It’s recommended to keep your belongings light & dress comfortably. Furthermore, you should carry a stole or shawl with you. This is in case you need to cover up while visiting temples or more conservative places. A cotton salwar kameez is an Indian dress that is particularly comfortable to wear. This is especially in the intense heat & another option for women.

6.) Before entering a temple, remove your shoes

Many temples will request that you remove your shoes before entering. Wearing footwear that is simple to put on and take off. Sandals are therefore a smart choice. Some people have concern that their shoes will be taken from the outside of the temple while they are inside. So, they can either put them in their backpack, Also, they can pay the temple attendant a little amount of money to keep an eye on them.

7.) Bring your camera

India is a street photographer’s paradise. There is always so much to observe and record. Your camera will capture the encounters, events, and moments that you would otherwise miss. For instance, an elderly woman looks up from a huge pile of saris.  Or a young boy picking up fruit from a street vendor. Additionally, you will return home with stunning pictures. You can use them as evidence for your amazing trip to India.

8.) Avoid drinking tap water

Avoid drinking India’s tap water. Because it contains bacteria that can get you sick. It is best to always have a bottle of mineral water with you. Indians only drink bottled water. Also, they boil their tap water to make it drinkable. This is beneficial & effective. It’s usually best to go the safe route. And get mineral water rather than ordinary water when dining out.

9.) Bring hand sanitizer and toilet paper with you

It is a good idea to carry hand sanitizer and toilet paper with you. Because you rarely find them in public washrooms.

10.) Keep an eye on your surroundings

This general thumb rule is relevant to nearly every city you visit in India. But it is crucial while visiting other countries. Pickpocketing is a common occurrence in some of India’s largest cities. Because of the high rates of poverty and overpopulation. Therefore, you should carry compact bags with sturdy zippers. This may wrap around your shoulder to prevent theft. Also, avoid putting cash, a phone, or keys in your pockets. If you need to walk late at night, take a friend, family member, or a guide with you. Always maintain calmness. It’s simple to become overwhelmed by the bustle. So give yourself some time to think before responding.

Traveling to India is unquestionably worthwhile. You will experience some breathtakingly stunning sights. Also, you will make some lifelong friends. And learn about an interesting ancient culture. So, just go for it and start organizing your trip to India. You will be happy you did! Keep connected with India, its diverse amazing locations, yummiest food, & wonderful people.

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