Make my trip or yatra: which is better?

Yatra and Make My Trip of India’s largest tour agencies, one with over 20 million views per month and the other with over 11 million. These businesses have not only established how modern Indians travel, but also demonstrated how hassle-free it is possible to journey. Yatra and Make My Trip both began their businesses in the past ten years and are now multimillion dollar enterprises.

A Comparison of make My Trip and Yatra.

ComparisonMake My TripYatra
Brief DescriptionDeep Kalra established it in 2000. The main office of plan my trip is in Gurugram, Haryana. Make My Trip, according to the company website, offers online travel services like airline tickets, domestic and foreign vacation packages, hotel bookings, and train and bus tickets. Make My Trip received 60% of the combined company after merging with ibibo, and ibibo received 40%.In 2006, yatra was established. In 2006, Sabina Chopra, Manish Amin, and Dhruv Shringi established it. Yatra holds a 30% market share in India and is the second-largest internet travel agency there.
WebsiteThe first has a variety of menus including those for reserving flights, hotels, villas, trains, buses, and even cabs. huge travel search bar on the homepage. From Make My Trip page, you can look up and reserve both local and international flights.The first page of Yatra was very comparable. Yatra offered a flight checker card on the left side of the screen in place of a large flight checker card. There were flight, hotel, vacation package, bus, and cruise options offered.
Data Presented on First PageI can see how difficult it will be to make my journey by choosing flight tickets over tour packages. On the first tab, there were deals for hotels and flights. The home page of plan my trip also featured flight booking buttons for some of the most well-known cities in India, including Mumbai, Delhi, Agra, Kolkata, and Chennai. A blog entry was also on the first page. This blog website is regularly updated, and you can find blogs here in a variety of categories in addition to travel blogs.Additionally, yatra provided ways to reserve tickets and receive discounts. Packages for some of the most well-known tourist destinations were also available on the first tab. Yatra was fairly open by only displaying the prices on the first tab. The prices for flights and vacation packages were displayed by yatra on the first page, but as soon as you alter the date to suit your requirements, the price changes, and it typically increases.
Customer SupportDue to the fact that you must first log in with your email before contacting them, make my trip provides customer support via email.Yatra also provides you with customer support by phone, chat, and letter. it was encouraging to see the direct phone numbers of the relevant authorities listed on the website’s contact page.


Although MakeMyTrip will give you a luxury sedan, Yatra’s overall package is superior. On Yatra’s package, there are more places to visit and a significant price difference.

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