The Secret to Happiness Is Travelling

Many people have recently come to the realisation that experiences, not things, are what actually makes you happy. In accordance with this, travel is one of the most frequently mentioned pastimes that brings individuals satisfaction. If you travel frequently, you probably aren’t surprised by this. But have you ever given it some serious thought as to why travelling is so beneficial to your health? It’s a great exercise since it might provide you some suggestions on ways to increase your happiness even while you’re cooped up at home, in addition to helping you enjoy your travels more. So let’s get going!

Vacations are an opportunity to unwind.

Travelling gives you the rare chance to unwind, which is one reason why it’s so excellent for your mood. You’re under pressure to always be on and available in today’s hectic culture. Switching off can seem tough when you have to respond to business emails after hours or stay up with the most recent news. But when you’re on vacation, it’s different. You give yourself permission to take a break from the stresses of daily life for a few days or weeks, disconnect, and relax. You also allow yourself to reward yourself to things you wouldn’t usually buy, like a sumptuous dessert or a soothing massage. All of which significantly improves your wellbeing and happiness.

Travel offers a variety of fresh experiences.

Your horizons will expand as a result of your travels, which is one of the best benefits. The majority of people have experienced the excitement and awe that comes with travelling to a new nation for the first time. new cuisine, eclectic music, and breathtaking landscapes. You have countless opportunity to learn new things by immersing oneself in a diverse culture or foreign setting. Whether they are more academic endeavours, like learning a second language, or more physical ones, like pottery making or mountaineering, these unique experiences instantly improve one’s mood. Additionally, it’s a great method to keep your mind occupied, which is really good for your cognitive abilities.

Unexpectedly, simply the thought of arranging a trip and the excitement that follows can make you happier. So begin looking up the best suggestions for things to do in India and feel your smile spread!

You can get to know your loved ones better when travelling.

You get to spend a lot more time with them than you would typically if you go on vacation with a friend, partner, or family. Work and school responsibilities can drive people apart, even when they live together. But when you’re on vacation, you’re free to spend time together doing exciting and enjoyable activities as well.


But don’t worry if you don’t have anyone to go on vacation with because it’s also a great chance to meet new people. On the road, people are frequently more sociable and talkative than they are at home, especially if they are travelling alone. Whether you become lifelong friends or never speak again, that brief social interaction will undoubtedly increase your happiness.

You can find out why travelling makes you happy in India if you’re curious. Pack your camping supplies and have a wonderful day camping in the city. When you travel to with JapjiTravel, including a stopover in India to make unforgettable travel memories.


Is travelling a happy experience?

By seeing new environments, people, and cultures when travelling, you can enhance your mental health and disrupt your routine. According to a recent Washington State University study, folks who travel frequently—even 75 miles away from home—are 7% happier than those who do not.

What makes travelling enjoyable?

Travel may be very enjoyable since it allows you to discover something that is absolutely fresh and different. The human brain wants novelty, claims Achor. Travelling gives us new perspectives and serves as a reminder that there are challenges outside of our daily lives, according to Achor.

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