5 Best Things To Do In Monsoon In Delhi

1. Rooftop Dining

The city boasts of some of the coziest and colorful cafes that become even more irresistible during monsoon season in Delhi.

2. Eat Street Food

Ask a Delhiite about places to visit in Delhi in rainy season, and they would never miss out to name atleast one street-food corner.

3. Road Trip To Murthal

Just about 50 km from Delhi, Murthal is a place for food junkies and a place you must visit

4. Photograph Attractions

If you have been waiting for a chance to take out your camera, then this is the time.

5. Ho-Ho Bus Tour

Whether you’re new to Delhi or you live in the city, you must try the Ho-Ho bus (a hop-on-hop-off tourist bus by Delhi Tourism) during monsoon in Delhi, NCR.