Interesting facts about the hawa mahal

Hawa Mahal is a unique and popular tourist place that should not be missed in Rajasthan. 

Shaped like a Crown

Hawa Mahal is built in the shape of a crown, it looks like Lord Krishna's crown. Sawai Pratap Singh was believed to be a great devotee of Lord Krishna. His passion became the reason behind this design.

The Wind Palace 

Hawa Mahal means the 'Palace of Winds' or the 'Wind Palace'. It has 953 small windows (Jharokas), they were built to keep the wind blowing inside the palace

Built for the Royal Ladies 

Hawa Mahal was constructed as a separate complex for the royal ladies. The idea was that, royal women could watch the daily life of the city through the windows. 

Looks like a Honey Comb 

The facade of the building is structured like a bee hive. The intricately designed windows allowed the royal women to watch the bustle of the city, without being visible to public. 

No Front Entrance 

Hawa Mahal doesn't have a direct entrance; one has to enter from the side of City Palace.

No Stairs to Reach the Upper Floors

Hawal Mahal has 5 floors and there are no stairs to climb, instead there are only ramps to reach the top floors.