About Cherrapunji that will astound you

Cherrapunji is a small town located in Meghalaya.

Why Cherrapunji is so famous ?

Incredibly wonder Bridges

Do you know Cherrapunji !

Wettest place on Earth

It is a great place for whom who loves monsoon and along wettest place on earth

Falling from the High Cliff

Seven Sister waterfall as a form of river that’s falling from the high cliff together.

Krem Phyllut

If you are in Cherrapunji and you didn’t visit Krem Phyllut than your journey is incomplete.

Dainthlen Falls

The most breathtaking place among tourist.

Tourist who visits the waterfall can see the artistic work of the snake near to that fall, that symbolize greed, corruption and evil.

Nokrek National Park

It is the home for panda’s in India.