Our Top Summer Activities 

That We Enjoy

Road trip

While there may never be a perfect month to travel for your ultimate road trip, there are a few that may be better than others.

Live music doesn't sound any better than it does outside on a summer evening beneath the stars. Throw in a handful of fireflies for ambiance.

. Outdoor concert.

I'm a sucker for roller coasters, funnel cakes, and cheesy haunted house rides. And cotton candy. And oversized stuffed animals. And corn dogs. And bumper cars. And, and, and...

Amusement park.

Finding a great picnic spot is like finding a pot of gold, in my opinion anyway.


Poolside, lakeside, beachside—I'll take any of them, and I'll take them as often as I can. I love the contrast of the sweltering heat and the cool, refreshing water.


The hard work and occasional huffing and puffing up a mountain or hillside is well worth the payoff—sweeping views of lush summer valleys.