Matheran A unique tourist

Destination of Maharashtra 

Dodhani Waterfalls.

This magnificent waterfall is a prime attraction of Matheran Tourism.

Charlotte Lake.

One of the major attractions of Matheran, Charlotte Lake is known for its serenity.

Louisa Point, Porcupine Point, Rambagh Point, One Tree Hill Point, Monkey Point and whatnot

There are about 38 vantage points in Matheran

Prabalgad Fort.

this historical marvel is perched on the top of the hill from where the view of lush green Matheran is extremely captivating.

Chanderi Caves. 

. Trekking to Chanderi caves is one of the most popular and thrilling

Irshalgad Fort.

Irshalgad Fort is totally worth visiting to catch the glimpse of  majestic architecture surrounded by the lush green landscape.