Manish Kashyap After whose arrest there is ruckus in Bihar

YouTuber Manish Kashyap had made a fake video of the attack on Bihar workers in Tamil Nadu. This video became increasingly viral on social media. According to media reports, Rakesh Ranjan Kumar, a resident of Gopalganj, produced this video in Patna. Tamil Nadu police can also interrogate Manish against Kashyap.

What did Manish Kashyap do?

14 cases have been registered in Bihar and 13 in Tamil Nadu against YouTuber Manish Kashyap of Bihar. Kashyap was hiding despite repeated instructions from the Economic Offenses Unit. After this, a warrant was issued on Thursday and the police started raiding.

Dozens of cases against Kashyap

According to media reports, Kashyap was born on March 9, 1991 in West Champaran district of Bihar. Manish Kashyap's real name is Tripurari Kumar Tiwari and he calls himself 'Son of Bihar'. He runs a YouTube channel called Sach Tak News. The news channel has more than 6.49 million subscribers. Even before surrender, two videos were uploaded from Sach Tak news channel. In 2020, Kashyap also contested as an independent from the Chanpatia assembly seat in Bihar.

Story of becoming Son of Bihar

On last Monday, supporters of Manish Kashyap created ruckus at many places in Bihar.

Supporters Created ruckus

He wasBorn Middle Class family


He Follow Hinduism