India's 4 Most Dangerous 

Locations for the Brave

Dras, Jammu and Kashmir

Often known as the ‘Gateway to Ladakh’, Dras is the second coldest inhabited region on the planet. At an altitude of approximately 10,597 feet above the ground, you can always feel an icy chill in the air. The temperature often drops as low as -45 degrees Celsius and the lowest temperature recorded here was -60 degrees Celsius.

Dumas Beach, Gujarat

Dumas Beach in the state of Gujarat is known for its wonderful sea and black sand. The beach situated along the Arabian Sea was previously a burial site for the Hindus. It is believed that after burning, the ashes of the dead bodies have mixed with the sand. Hence, Dumas Beach has dark black sand-like nowhere else.

Rohtang Pass, Himachal Pradesh.

Rohtang Pass is a high-altitude mountain pass at a height of 13,054 feet above the sea level. This pass connects Kullu to Lahaul and Spiti and promotes access to Leh. Hence, Rohtang Pass is strategically important for the country. It is one of the highest roads and poses a challenge to the vehicles that pass through.

Gurez Valley, Jammu and Kashmir

The deserted village of Kuldhara was once the home to the community of Paliwal Brahmins. It is believed that all the residents fled overnight and were never seen again. They abandoned their homes and didn’t come back.