How to Prepare !

Visit 41st  India International Trade Fair (Start-14Nov-2022)

The eagerly anticipated India International Trade Fair (IITF) will soon take place, and Pragati Maidan will play host to Delhi's premier shopping occasion.

India International Trade Fair is the biggest exhibition and trade fair event held in the country. This year, it is back with its 41st edition and hopes are quite high.

Why visit this Trade Fair?

– It is at one of the prime locations in Delhi.

– You get to interact with a good crowd and participants.

-That is, complete marketing items (360 Degree Marketing Items) are available here.

Enjoy Foods

Things to do in the trade fair.

• Get handwoven Kashmiri Pashmina shawls. • Check out the Assam stall for some realy good bamboo furniture You can even go around various state pavilions for textile and jewellery shopping. • You can even buy up-to-date gadgets from techmart at cheaper prices.


Under one Roof, representatives from various states display goods that are unique to their cultures and traditions.