Enchanting Nainital 

Interesting facts about Nainital

Back in Time

Nainital is older than Jesus Christ.

Discovered by Peter Barron

Peter Barron, a British sugar merchant, discovered the lake in 1839. Once, during his travels, he stopped to rest in a place called Khairna, where he met a local boy, who informed him of a beautiful lake on the other side of the hill.

Naina Devi presides over Nainital

The town Nainital gets its name from the presiding goddess, Naina Devi.

Lake District of India

Like Cumbria in the United Kingdom, Nainital is known as the Lake District of India.

Summer Capital of the United Province

Few people realize that under British Rule in India, Nainital served as the United Province’s summer capital to avoid the intense heat of Lucknow.

Two mall roads

Mall roads are famous in hill stations. The Nainital mall road, on the other hand, the Nainital mall road is remarkable because it comprises not one but two of them. Tallital and Mallital are typically unknown to outsiders.