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    Sikar is a city located between the Agra and Bikaner region, in the state of Rajasthan. Sikar India is the headquarters of the Sikar district.

    Earlier the Sikar city was known as Nehrawati. It was initially considered to be one of the biggest Estates of the Jaipur city. Visit Sikar and get an opportunity to have a look at its very famous art and culture. The Padharo Mahre Desh attitude of the people in the city is very famous and always appreciated by the tourists.

    Sikar city tour is one of the best tours in the state of Rajasthan because there are quite a lot of Haveli’s at the place. The tourists never get bored in the city and wish to make a trip every now and then.

    The temples of the city are the best places to see. Well, the city is very fascinating! People from far off places come a lot to this place with their friends and family to spend some good time with one another. Also, the ancient culture that is clearly reflected in the paintings and the walls of the Haveli’s lure them up to a great extent.

    The climate of the city is hot semi-arid climate, and it rains in the months between June and September. Though, mostly you will find a summer season in the place. Thus, you can enjoy even more by wearing fashionable clothes and looking stylish.

    The Sikar tourism places include The Madho Niwas Kothi, The Clock Tower, The Khatu Shyam Temple and many more. Also, Sikar sightseeing’s are appreciated throughout the India and even in many parts abroad.

    So, just do not wait, rather book your tickets right away and make a trip to the place as soon as possible. Gather a lot of memories and cherish them for your entire life.



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