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    Rajasthan is full of amazing sights and travel tourist attractions that reflect the history of brave kings who ruled this state during various regions. Its popular district Pali is located in Duthariya region on the bank of river Bandi and is about 70 km southeast to Jodhpur. This marwar region is full of various historical monuments that have their own history during various regions. This place has amazing rich culture, heritage and reason for travelers to visit Pali frequently and extract the real adventure of this royal city. This is the birthplace of Maharana Pratap and was under the rule of various kings. It was also the trade centre during 11th century and was ruled by the Guhilas of Mewar. Thus, visitors always get an opportunity to enjoy Pali city tour, enjoy the various amazing sights of the area that catches the attention of every history lovers, and make the curious to understand the history behind every place.


    The history of this area is very interesting, as it is ruled by various Rajput, Mughals and Rathore kings. After the defeat of PrithviRaj Chauhan by Gauri, Maharana Kumbha took hold of the entire area and despite of Pali being ruled by Brahmin rulers, it was flourished and was the peaceful region. Some of the Pali Sightseeing places are Hatundi Rata Mahabir Temple, Bangur Museum, Surya Narayan Tenple, Somnath Mahadev Ji Tenple and Adishwar temple. People can get access to this place from Jaipur and Ajmer through various transport means. It is the center of attraction mostly for families, couples, kids and history lovers. Thus, no matter what time people visit this place, it has some best places to see for every traveler and because of it, Pali proves to be the suitable sightseeing place in Rajasthan where travelers can spend 2-3 days.



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