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    kota Sightseeing Places To Visit

    The state of Rajasthan is a state which represents the cultural and heritage richness of India. This state is painted in all the cultural, artistic and royal essence of this country. Each city and part of Rajasthan is dotted with amazing landscapes dotted with historical monuments and other popular sightseeings of this state. Rajasthan is the largest state of the incredible India which makes India even more popular among tourists. The cities of this state are sub sections which are embellished with some of the best places to see in India and are visited by thousands of tourists every year. Kota is one such place and a popular tourism hub of the state of Rajasthan. This city is actually an industrial capital of the state but still the ethnic beauty draws numerous tourists towards itself.

    Kota city tour consists of amorous sites like Chambal garden, Jagmandir palace, Rao Madho Singh museum, Kota barrage, city fort and palace, Haveli of Devtaji and many more tourism sites. The city Kota India was formerly a part of the province of the kingdom of former Bundi ruler. During the year 1624 when Jahangir who was a Mughal ruler defeated the king of Bundi, Kota was then declared as an independent city.

    Kota sightseeings include some eccentric palaces, Havelis, spiritually divine temples and museums which have preserved and restored the historic articles well. You can see and admire the finesse and the perfection of the quality of architectural carvings and layouts of the structural complexes of the historical buildings while you visit Kota. The city is embellished with intricate art pieces of the handicrafts and the fine Rajasthani handmade jewellery which is quite popular among ladies. You can get these things at really fair prices. Kota city tour is sure thing to be an enthralling experience for all where you get to feel excitement, romance, calmness and every other thing which you seek in a tour.

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