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    As you all are aware, India is renowned for its rich culture and is also known for several heritage sites throughout the country. Rajasthan is one such state which is renowned as a major tourist destination of India. The city of Kishangarh, India is one such city in Rajasthan which is quite famous for forts, palaces, lakes, etc. The city is situated 18 miles towards the North West of the city of Ajmer.  Kishangarh painting style is originated in this city only. This city is also famous for the courtesan Bani Thani.  The city is also quite popular as it is the only city to have a temple for nine planets. During pre-independent India, it was a princely state from the year 1611 to 1948. Prince Kishan Singh is the founder of this city in the year 1609. Of late, Kishangarh is becoming quite popular for its marbles.

     Just like any other cities of Rajasthan, Kishangarh also charms the tourists with its beauty and rich culture. Tourists from every nook and corner of the world visit this city all through the year. There are several best places to see in Kishangarh.  The city is easily reachable from Ajmer and it is easier to plan your trip as it is well connected by road to Ajmer.

    Apart from the nine planets temple, the city comes with several Kishangarh sightseeings. Kishangarh fort which is built in the year 1549 stands as a symbol of Mughal and Rajput architecture. It is also worth visiting the Phool Mahal Palace built in the year 1870 and served as royal palace for maharajas of Kishangarh. Today, this palace has been converted into a hotel. Khoda Ganeshji Temple which dates back to 250 years is yet another must see temple in Kishangarh. Kishangarh also has a large lake called Gondulav lake and several picnic places like Sukh Sagar as well as religious places are situated on the banks of the lake. Visit Kishangarh today and get submerged in Rajasthani culture.

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