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    jalore Sightseeing Places To Visit

    Jalore city is situated on the western side of Rajasthan and is also Jalore district administrative headquarters. Jalore is quite famous as the granite city and lies on the southern side of Sukri river which is River Luni’s tributary. During ancient times, Jalore India was named after a sage and was known as Jabalipura. It was also otherwise called as Songiri or Suvarnagiri which means Golden Mount on which the Jalore fort is situated. In 8th century, the city was flourishing and various rulers ruled the city and finally it came under Mughal Empire. Later, it was ruled by Marwars till 1947. Post Independence, it became part of Rajasthan. There are lots of best places to see in Jalore.

    The city is situated 140 Km away from Jodhpur on the southern side. Since the city was ruled by several rulers several constructions took place and today they are available as Jalore Sightseeing places. It is ideal for the tourists to go on Jalore city tours for exploring the city. Just like any other Rajasthan city, Jalore will also offer rich Rajasthani culture and heritage.

    Some of the major tourist attractions of the city are Jalore Fort, Jalore Wildlife Sanctuary, Malik Shah’s Mosque, Topekhana, Sire Mandir, Derasars of Neminath, Rishabha, Munisurata and Acharya Rajendrasuri, and several Jain temples established during the 8th century and the huge statue of Lord Shiva situated at Kailashdham, Bishangarh. Visiting all these places will take you to the ancient times and the tourists will be able to understand the culture and life style of the then people. The city also comes with a big shopping mall named as City Centre Shopping Mall from where the tourists can buy several handicrafts and other items. This shopping mall also houses various corporate offices and stands as the symbol of growing city. Visit Jalore to have a glimpse of all the tourists spot and also to submerge into the rich Rajasthani culture.


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