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    Barmer is a desert town in Rajasthan which has the major part of the splendid Thar Desert. The town was named after the ruler Bar Rao Parmer who was also the ruler as well as founder of Barmer. Barmer is a village which is closely related to the folk and ancient culture of Rajasthan. Visit Barmer to see the mud houses and small villages grouped together to represent the audacity of the region. The village folks are dressed in colourful Rajasthani attires and the houses also depict the Rajasthani culture adorned with folk motifs. Although being a barren land and unfavourable climate Barmer India is a great tourist destination for those who wish to seek out the depth of cultural India because of its richness in the outstanding handicrafts , folk dance and folk music.

    The desert, villages ancient historical buildings and ruins are some of the best places to see. Barmer fort is the very famous fort of Barmer, although the building is in ruins mostly but still a centre of attraction for tourists. The Kiradu Ancient temples are another attraction consisting the Barmer city tour. These temples are group of five temples, each temple having their own significance and the carving on the temples are spectacular. The finely ornamented temples in architectural exquisiteness are really worth to see and it also magnetizes tourist towards itself. Barmer sightseeings and Barmer tourism places are not only pleasing to behold but also give a feeling of knowing the country from its core. The town hasn't left its essence and still has got the charm of the mud of Rajasthan.

    Shopping in Barmer can be exciting and worth spending money. There are fine wood carving objects which you can get really fair prices along with handicraft jewellery and decorative items.

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