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    Alwar in Rajasthan is a Rajput city. Alwar is a historically significant city hiding many legends, myths, stories in its bosom. The very famous Sariska Tiger Reserve is the main attraction which invites many tourist domestically and internationally to visit Alwar . Alwar is significantly remarkable place of art and culture all clustered together at one place. Under the reign of Maharaja Pratap Singh made this city a hub of cultural, artistic expression and also a remarkably beautiful city. The tourist attractions of Alwar India are famous all across the world. Bangarh fort is the most popular fort in India as it is considered to be the most haunted place in India. Many legends of black magic are associated with this fort which is most likely to attract tourist towards itself. Similarly there any other forts and palaces which are significant with respect to Alwar tourism places.

    The city palace is another majestic palace which was the royal residence and was built by Raja Vinay Singh. Many royal palaces have been converted into hotels now. Alwar undoubtedly has the best places to see. The Bala quila located on a 300m steep peak is another historic building. 192 Every year government organises Alwar festival in the month of February. It is a three days festival where you can closely look into the culture and history of Alwar. One must never miss this festival if happens to pay a visit for Alwar city tour in February.

    The accommodation in Alwar is easy to get in hotels or in the palaces which have been converted into exotic hotels. One must try the very famous dessert named as 'Palang Tod' which is a milk cake scrumptiously delicious. Alwar sightseeings are innumerable and the shopping sites must never be missed. The local market consists of beautiful handicrafts, bangles, interesting artifacts , double dyed sarees etc.


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